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I am a keynote speaker and have been fortunate enough to speak around the world, from Mexico to Manchester, the Middle East to Munich.

Upcoming talks

Of course, in this era of COVID-19, I’m not giving talks at the moment but instead I’m using online platforms. I’m using both Twitch and  YouTube  as creative outlets for talks and hopefully motivational chats. I’ve also uploaded my latest talk as a pre-recorded digital download using a pay-what-you-think model. Check that out on !

Past talks & events


Bristol JS

Forward Festival

Collaborate Conference

Birmingham Design Festival

Promax Amsterdam

Crazy Animal Face

Promax Australia

OFFF Barcelona

FITC Amsterdam

Sound Design

Something Good

The Do Lectures

OFFF Barcelona

FITC Amsterdam

TEDX Bristol


This Happened

WDC Bristol

Wired Next Gen

OFFF Mexico

FITC Toronto


Urban Explorers

Reasons to be Creative

Something Good Festival

Apple Stores

OFFF Qatar


Interact Conf

Teen Do

Generate Conf

Build Conf

“Gavin Strange headlined PROMAX ANZ this year in Sydney to rapturous applause. His incredible talent coupled with high energy and passion makes Gavin a great choice of keynote speaker to open or close your event. His insightful  and funny examples of how to stay creative whilst managing work life balance and finding creative inspiration through life experiences kept all the creatives present hanging on to his every word. We look forward to Gavin speaking at other PROMAX events around the world.”

Vanessa Sheldrick, 

Event director @ PROMAX ANZ and Africa

Making the work is the easy part, finding the time, however, is the difficult bit. In my talks and my book, I share my stories and methods behind getting the most out of those 24 pesky hours, conveyed via the medium of bright colours, animated GIFs and wild gesticulation.


I pride myself on being a ‘realistic idealist’ or ‘idealistic realist’ – striking the balance between uncurbed enthusiasm and pragmatic process. 

Floaty sentiments aside, my talks are about finding the energy and making the time to create things that matter. That’s something I believe applies to everyone - from a GSCE student to a company CEO!


I’m also the co-curator of a speaking event called ‘HUSTLEMANIA’, a 2-hour ‘mega’ talk I present with my brother-in-arms James ‘Signalnoise’ White. Our two creative journeys & output are interwoven and presented with bombastic aplomb, surprise guest interruptions and confetti canons.

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