OFFF Vinyl toy

What a treat! Thanks to the huge generosity of OFFF founder & director Héctor Ayuso, we made a vinyl toy version of the Title film hero character to give away to every attendee at the 2016 OFFF festival!

The toy is a perfect replica of the clay original, including the hand-made body and the perfect glossy eyeballs. The original character was designed by Merlin & myself on paper, then Merlin sculpted the fella, named simply "Little OFFF dude". Merlin made a mold from that original and then that was the master used to create all 2,200 vinyl toys! The brilliant Unbox Industries were the ones who brought the toy to life, it was an absolute joy to work with Dan and the crew there.

It was a total surprise to all at the festival, even the fellow speakers! A gigantic thank you to Héctor and the OFFF guys for making this a reality!