OFFF 2016 Title Design

I was asked the question that every designer wants to hear... "Would you make the titles for OFFF next year?".

I hastily accepted and straight away roped my good friend Merlin Crossingham in to co-direct together. I asked my friend and incredible rapper & Musician P.O.S if he'd jump on-board this mad ol' journey and he said yes! Made at and with the support of wonderful Aardman Animations, we made a live-action stop-frame motion-graphics rap-video title-sequence!

I handled the design and motion graphics animation - we wanted the visuals, in all its forms (from the live-action to the stop-frame and of course the motion graphics) to have energy and 'bounce'.

I designed the typeface itself so we could have full control over stroke widths and characters, as a font just wouldn't have given me the flexibility I needed. The type is all based on circles, because our hero character radiates energy outwards and the character himself is inspired by the fact we thought the OFFF logo looks like a winking face!

A special thanks to Ciaran OConnor with his motion graphics expertise who gave me the tools needed to bring these to life!