Not For Rental show

Not For Rental was a project organised by the mighty Timba Smits & Gordon 'Flash' Shaw, 2 of the nicest fellas you could ever hope to meet. It was an exhibition of art inspired by film, presented in the format of VHS cases! The show had a brilliant reception and although I couldn’t make it myself, i’ve heard nothing but great things, even The Guardian covered it!

For my piece I chose one of my favourite films ‘Inception’. I wanted to convey the ‘dream within a dream’ concept so went about it in a photorealistic way rather an an illustration. I photographed a VHS tape I found in a charity store (Billy Connolly Live, if you were wondering) and set about tweaking and changing it so it could fit inside itself 4 times.

It’s super subtle because it’s so small, but each of the cassette windows has a different effect on it to reflect the different dream states;

The first cassette is normal as it’s reality.The second cassette has water droplets on because it’s raining when they enter the first dream level and it’s where they drive the van into the river.The third tape is a bit washed out and yellow-ey, because it’s set in the tungsten-lit hotel.Level four represents the ice fortress in the 3rd dream level so is covered in frozen ice.The final level has both reels of tape complete empty, which represents Limbo!

There’s also a few extra bits too, like I replaced the text which sits on the lip of the tape to have a line from the film "Never recreate from memory / Always imagine new places"!

I had an absolute blast with this, geeking out and making these subtle changes. Whether anyone noticed them or not I’m not too sure, but that’s not the point, I think detailed work is the sum of all it’s parts, so i’m very happy indeed!

A big thanks to Timba & Gordon for putting on such a good show and letting me be a part of it! And thanks toGiles Smith for his photo’s from the opening night which i’ve used above.