Nick Park collab

I decided to pop upstairs at work and ask a friend if he fancied doing a little collaboration, all in aid of charity. Now that doesn’t sound too strange does it? Well, for me it’s a huge deal because that friend in question was the mighty Oscar-winning, Simpsons-starring, CBE-awarded Mr Nick Park! Luckily for me, Nick’s the nicest fella in the world and he said ‘yes’ to a wee graphical collab!

What you see here is what we did, a two-parter! We both doodled on an ‘original colourway’ Gromit Unleashed figurine, both drawing our own take on my personal favourite W&G character ‘Feathers McGraw’. I’ve never done anything so nerve-wracking as drawing a Nick park character, ON a Nick Park character… with Nick Park watching! Fortunately, I didn’t screw it up and played it safe with a minimal simplistic rendering of Feathers!

The 2nd part of our collab was something a bit more unique - I illustrated the 'techno trousers' in my own style and colours, got it all framed up nicely, then Nick brought his magic to it by drawing over it on the glass over the front of it, thus merging our two styles together!

I can’t tell you over the moon and humbled I am to be able to do such a thing, I went up and asked Nick if we could do it because I figured now is a good a time than any to give it a shot and see what could happen, Im just so stoked that he said yes and we could do it!

All of this was in aid of the Gromit Unleashed eBay art auction, which auctioned some unique pieces of Gromit art to add more cashola to the fantastic total (Over £4 million), which was all raising money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital!