Hong Kong Gromits

I am THE LUCKIEST PUP ALIVE!! I’m one of the handful of Aardman artists taking part in Gromit Unleashed Hong Kong, an exhibition of 70 5ft Gromit statues by HK artists. I got SUPER LUCKY though because my Gromit has been turned into a 4 metre tall version!!! I got super lucky because of course the lovely Nick Park was going to have the 4m version, but because it’s SO big it needs to be made in pieces, and that means unsightly join lines, which would ruin the aesthetics of Nicks smooth design, and I got super duper lucky that my robot design features a tonne of join lines, so I have the HUGE honour of having 'G.R.M.T 02' being 13 feet tall :)

He features a 'tickle-activated escape hatch' on his belly and is fitted with a 'penguin locator' too!