offf 2016 main titles

I was asked the question that every designer wants to hear... "Would you make the titles for OFFF next year?". I hastily accepted and straight away roped my good friend Merlin Crossingham in to co-direct together. I asked my friend and incredible rapper & Musician P.O.S if he'd jump on-board this mad ol' journey and he said yes! Made at and with the support of wonderful Aardman Animations, we made a live-action stop-frame motion-graphics rap-video title-sequence; watch it below!


To celebrate the release of my book Do Fly, I wanted to make a film! I collaborated with my friend & aerial camera specialist Rob Anthill to present a top-down of the world whilst our plucky fragile paper aeroplane makes it's way on it's journey!



BÖIKZMÖIND is a 30 minute film about riding fixed gear bikes in beautiful city of Bristol, UK. The film shows the diverse cross section of riders and asks why ride bikes with no gears in a city full of hills. It also shines a light on the community and camaraderie that comes with the simple joy of riding bicycles.

This is the full film, released in 2011, which was previously only available to watch as a purchased digital download, but now 3 years after it's initial debut, we've decided to put the full film online for everyone to enjoy!

EVERY TIME A follow up with the Bunny that featured in the main BÖIKZMÖIND film, showing what can happen when a bicycle is stolen...

BÖIKZMÖIND 2 A shot-for-shot remake of the original trailer, replacing bikes for trikes and Adults for Children, as part of an elaborate April Fool's day prank!



I had the huge honour of being involved in 2013's Gromit Unleashed project which saw 80 5-foot tall Gromit statues, each customised by a different artist, placed around the city of Bristol. I was lucky enough to be one of those artists, and I documented my progress throughout the project, from the creation of my own Gromit seen below to editing a short film from Pixar's own rushes!

Nick Park's stateside friend John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Disney & Pixar, introduces the process behind how they made their very own custom 5ft Gromit, all for the Gromit Unleashed project, raising money for the Bristol Children's Hospital!

I was lucky enough to be able to edit this video together, Pixar sent over a big bunch of fantastic rushes and I loved going through them all, hearing how they created their Gromit. This is the short film of how they did it.

My good friend Joe set-up a timelapse camera here at Aardman to capture the visitors to my Gromit statue, as I was really curious as to just how many people would be interested in the big pink dog!

The footage that appears was shot over the opening weekend of the trail and then the weekend of the Bristol Harbourside Festival, when 4 Gromits were moved to the outside of Aardman too.



This was an incredible project to be involved in - 2 of the worlds biggest graffiti artists, ROIDS & SAT ONE, painted a Boeing 737 and I got to make a film about it, thanks to Hangfire! I shot, edited & graded the film, and even got to do the design & animation of the motion graphics, to give it a bespoke feel. It was fantastic to be involved!



This is a wee short film I made at Aardman, following our Head model maker Chris Entwhistle aka ’Enty’ create a special one-off Tony Hart Morph! It was such an honour to follow Enty round and capture him work his (seemingly effortless) magic!

I also loved being really nimble and being able to shoot, edit and even do the animated titles. I geeked out camera-wise too and it was a mixture of DSLR & GoPro, tripods & Glidecam’s, candid filming & sit-down interviews.


I like to try and capture things on film as often as I can, especially when it comes to the creation of something new. Here's just a few bits and bobs from the past few years



I love making silly little shorts, which are always just for my own pleasure. It doesn't matter if they don't make any sense, if they make me chuckle then they're always worth making!