Map Change

Im obsessed with Every Time I Die's new album 'Low Teens' and the track 'Map Change' is my absolute favourite, so I wanted to make a graphic for it!

I did it this morning as a 'one-nighter' (a way for me to get stuck into a fun side-project without worrying about spending too much time and worrying about what I can - achieve, just do whatever you can in one sitting!)

The graphic uses the awesome hot pink that ETID have used a lot through their artwork, and then I liked the idea of using map contours alongside a 💀.

I originally made a skull USING hand drawn contours but it just looked rubbish, so I scrapped that idea. So I went the route of Photoshop and blending the two together, taking my favourite lyrics from the track and overlaying, trying to be clever with the 'negative space' line at the end.

Anyways, it's always great fun to just indulge and make something visual for something you love!