Designing the new Aardman.com has been has been a dream job. The brand new website had to reflect all of the above principles and feelings, and we did that by using fullscreen HTML video, wonky CSS animation and building a custom filter system that let us show all the different types of work we do whilst making it super easy to find what you want.

The filter system was a huge job in it’s own right, going through many different iterations to make it simple and easy to show off everything from commercials to feature films, interactive projects to music videos.

The icing on the cake was making the whole site fully responsive, it was absolutely critical that our work should be able to be viewed on every platform possible and every type of device.

It’s been a huge honour to have been giving the opportunity to give Aardman a new look online and offline. As a huge fan that also happens to be part of the family, it’s been a rad ride all the way to produce something that shows off the wonderful work of so many talented people here in Bristol.